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5 Symptoms of a Compromised Computer

Posted by Paul Ferdas on Feb 23, 2017 3:15:00 PM
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 We all like to think that the Internet is a safe place. Unfortunately email, social media, malicious websites, ransomware and advertisement pop-ups can all pose a threat. Having an antivirus program installed on your computer will help catch and get rid of harmful malware, but it might not catch everything — especially if not installed properly or updated with the latest definitions.

Sometimes even taking every precaution is not enough for IT security, which is why knowing what to look for and how to detect the symptoms of a compromised computer is important to ensure your safety. Below are five (5) signs that may mean your computer could be infected and your data and network is at risk:

1. Homepage & Search Engine Hijacking
Does your homepage automatically redirect to unusual websites? Has your default search engine changed to something you’ve never heard of or recognize?

2. Site Redirection (Without Warning)
Similar to hijacking. If you are taken to another, likely malicious website when typing in or clicking something different (and you’ve never been there before).

3. Pop-ups & Crashes
Not always related to a malware infection, but an increase of pop-up messages, as well as unexplained crashes/shutdowns — combined with other symptoms.

4. Unfamiliar Programs & Toolbars
Your browser is full of search boxes and buttons. If a new, unfamiliar one shows up unannounced in your toolbar, you could be infected.

5. Slow CPU & Difficulty Loading Pages
If your computer is consistently running slow, whether you’re online or not, and not related to internet connectivity issues. Also, If your browser continues telling you that pages can’t be loaded even though your internet connection is fine.

What to Do if You’re Infected:

Panic and worry can be overwhelming once you realize that your computer may have been compromised. However, it’s not over for your computer and all of your files. If you believe you have been infected by a virus, trojan, worm, ransomware, or cryptolocker, there is still a chance to restore your computer to the state it was prior to infection, quickly, and without further damage or loss of productivity.

If you believe your computer may be infected, or if your organization has had IT security and performance issues in the past, Lantium can help!  Our
Critical Care support team is available for our clients 24x7x365.

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